Robert Scheper

Robert Scheper was born and raised mostly in Manitoba.  He lived for three years with his family in Alberta and finished high school in Edmonton before he returned to Manitoba.  His undergraduate and postgraduate studies were spread out between Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  He received his MBA (financial Management) in 1996 with his thesis on the Lease/Owner Operator industry.

In 1990 both he and his wife began driving long distance with their own truck.  They lived in their bunk for over a year while everything else was in storage.  They saved their money for graduate school and graduated without debt.

After graduate school he dabbled in various industries, writing business plans and performing consulting services.  For a few years he owned a software company servicing the legal industry.  He never abandoned the trucking industry entirely during this time but after the 2000/2001 recession he fully committed to serving Lease/Owner Operators.

He started researching and writing his first book in 2002/2003 and was well under way when 2006 rolled in.  The buzz of the Lunch bag letdown campaign and the failure of the Supreme Court class action law suit (for meal costs) inspired him to take just one chapter in his book and make it into the first in a series.  “Making Your Miles Count: taxes, taxes, taxes” was published in the spring of 2007.

He currently resides outside of Steinbach on 80 Acres of fun and recreation. He plays there with his wife of 27 years.  They have three children, two married and the final one graduated high school in spring 2015. 

He enjoys developing leaders, writing, good sarcasm and due to living in Manitoba is personally looking forward to global warming.

He is president of an Accounting and Consulting firm with three locations: Steinbach, Winnipeg and Winkler Manitoba.  It currently has 18 employees.  He loves his work.