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Our clients tell us that Over the Road works best!

  • 23 years in business
  • 100% Canadian owned
  • We are a national digest magazine, delivered  throughout Canada
  • We have the best truck stop circulation in Canada and distribution makes the difference!  Over the Road is hand delivered into Canadian truck stops coast to coast and we have the exclusive rights for Over the Road to be placed into the Flying-J truck stops and several of the Husky locations
  • 25,000 copies are delivered into truck stops each month + 8,000 digital copies which are sent to subscribers monthly (and growing)
  • We very proudly offer a one price policy and our full-colour, ad design service is always complimentary
  • No contracts are ever required

If you would like more information about advertising in Over the Road or any of our other recruiting services please give us a call or
E-mail us.  We would be please to answer all of your questions and to design a sample ad for you.

Distribution is the Difference

Over the Road is the only National trucking magazine to be distributed at Flying-J corporate stores across Canada. Over the Road is the only trucking magazine to distribute at HOST travel plazas along the 401 in Ontario. This helps us deliver your recruiting message to more truckers every month.

Monthly Circulation

Fleet Managers 1000 3%
Flying J Exclusive 5100 15.46%
Other Exclusive 900 2.73%
All other Truck Stops 18000 54.55%
Digital Subscription 8000 24%
33000 100.00%




Issue Closing Date Material Deadline
Feb-17 January 16 January 17
Mar-17 February 10 February 13
Apr-17 March 13 March 14
May-17 April 18 April 19
Jun-17 May 12 May 15
Jul-17 June 13 June 14
Aug-17 July 13 July 14
Sep-17 Aug 14 Aug 15
Oct-17 Sept 15 Sept 18
Nov-17  Oct 13  Oct 16
 Dec-17  Nov 14  Nov 15
Jan-18 Dec 8 Dec 11

Regular Editorial Features in OTR and/or OTR Digital

  • Carrier Profile or President’s Page
  • Speaking from Experience: Ray Haight
  • Choosing a Trucking Company: Robert Scheper
  • Safety Dawg: Chris Harris
  • Women in Trucking: Ellen Voie
  • Trucker Buddy International News