Don’t be a victim of Cargo Theft this weekend!

Thanks to our friends at Old Republic for these tips!

Trends in Cargo Theft!

The US Thanksgiving long weekend is almost here. Be sure to keep your cargo safe!

Do NOT become a victim of Cargo Theft!


  • If you have to momentarily leave your rig for personal off duty reasons, ensure it is secured from theft.
  • If forced to leave vehicles at a public facility (truck stop, etc.) pick one that is well lit and utilizes surveillance equipment. Park within view of the camera.
  • Secure the tractor and trailer with a steering wheel locking device, kingpin locks, glad-hand locks (or other security equipment). Put industrial strength padlocks on trailer doors.
  • Do NOT leave keys inside tractor.
  • Check on unattended vehicles as frequently as possible.
  • Use embedded covert tracking in the freight with geo-fencing and alert notification.
  • Do not drop a load without dispatch’s approval or a signed BOL from a receiver.


Target Commodities?… EVERYTHING is a target now!

Safety Services Dept.
Old Republic Canada