Press Release: Website Launched to Help Drivers and Carriers Through Driver Inc Model Issues


November 30, 2018 

Website Launched to Help Guide Drivers and Carriers Through Driver Inc Model Issues

CAMBRIDGE, Ont. — Sharp Transportation Systems Inc. has developed and launched a website to aid drivers and company owners affected by the Driver Inc model.

The website, offers a platform for external legal consultation services specializing in this area and information on employee rights, based on Canadian Employment Regulations.

The site is also looking to provide information regarding employee misclassification in the transportation industry and raise awareness of the issues caused for drivers, carriers, insurance and even at times, shippers.

The term “Driver Inc” has proliferated media coverage, association meetings and government consults throughout the trucking industry over the past year; as issues stemming from misclassification and how it affects the industry and drivers overall have surfaced.

“Our goal for setting up the website is to make drivers aware of their rights, so they can make informed decisions without risk of misclassification prior to becoming an independent contractor or PSB (Personal Service Business),” said Shawn Baird, owner of Sharp Transportation Systems.

Please visit to find out more.

Sharp Transportation Systems is a Cambridge, Ont., based carrier specializing in pharmaceutical hauling and warehousing. It is celebrating its 20th year in business.

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